introducing Airsalter™

Explore salt therapy at home with our halotherapy machine

AirSalter™ is a revolutionized way to receive the Dead Sea salt benefits at your home and fight your health issues. 

What Is Halotherapy?

A different name for halotherapy is salt therapy. The treatment involves breathing salty air and has positive influence on a range of health issues, such as alergies, asthma and eczema.

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Does Salt Help Asthma?

Both Himalayan & Dead Sea salt help patients suffering from various diseases including asthma, pneumonia, smoking damage, and others. Thanks to home salt therapy, the treatment is available for wide range of people.

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Dead Sea Salt Benefits

There is a large scope of benefits from Dead Sea Salt, located in Israel, starting from improvements in asthma, insomnia, bronchitis, and other diseases treatment. AirSalter brings these benefits to you.

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Even though halotherapy is considered an alternative treatment, it has already helped many people around the world. We distinguish the so-called dry and wet methods of salt therapy.

AirSalter provides a form of wet salt therapy and is based on inhaling salty air with your nose and mouth.  Every AirSalter comes with Dead Sea Saline Solution containing salt right from the famous Dead Sea in the state of Israel.

The Dead Sea is well-known for its highest concentration of salt among all seas and oceans in the world. Pictures of people lying in the Dead Sea and reading a book are very famous. With AirSalter, you can get the Dead Sea salt benefits right at your home.

Recovery vacations by sea are recommended from health care professionals around the world. One of the reasons is the salty air benefits people get from breathing the salty air as a result of evaporation. Many people also believe that salt has a positive effect on skin issues.

We are aware of lots of benefits of halotherapy and we’re not aware of any danger of salt therapy. Our halotherapy machine is well known as the best and most affordable home salt therapy machine.

AirSalter is a salt therapy brand that makes it possible to enjoy a Dead Sea recovery in the United States. Simply get one and try it on your own!